Cuts & Colors by Emily

Amazing redhead ombre with messy curls.  Emily used the new Kevin Murphy styling product, Undressed, which is great for adding texture and body to long hair!

Before and after:  grown out longish hair into a super sleek medium length subtle a-line bob.

Before and after:  Natural looking extensions dyed to match a new lighter, honey blonde color.

Before and after:  From a very light blonde to a more natural ombre blonde with perfect waves.

Before and after:  at-home bleaching left this client’s hair totally fried and the only remedy was a haircut.  Luckily, she was ready for a big change. Emily gave her a great little pixie cut.

Before and after:  this is a big change!  Lightish brown with ends in dire need of a trim turned into a super fancy chocolate brown medium length haircut with easy waves.

Perfect dream blonde:  creamy shade of blonde with a beautiful blow out.

Before and after:  Highlights and extensions completely update this client’s blonde locks.

Subtle beachy ombre that looks so natural!

Adorable face-framing highlights and a great blowout.

Pretty hair that just needed a little updating.

Redhead color and cut and awesome bangs.

Before and after:  medium brown to blonde ombre on long hair plus a pretty blow out.

Before and after:  great cut for the summer!