Q&A with Kate Cates

What are you favorite hair products for curly hair?  fine hair?

Fine hair:  Anti-gravity on the roots and Full-Again for the rest of the hair and then adding a little texture with Powder Puff; curly hair:  Moroccan Oil & Easy Rider.

Which styling tool do you use most often?

Blowdryer!  It’s the most multi-functional tool.  It can soften, add body, smooth, add wave and add shape.  So many possibilities!

Is there a certain time period or style icon you look to for inspiration?

So many people over so many periods.  The fun thing is to blend with current style or mix to create a unique look.

How can a client recreate a salon blowout at home?

Velcro rollers!  Section  hair into two vertical sub sections in front and 3 vertical sub sections in back.  After hair is 100% dry, heat up each section before popping the velcro roller in; let cool completely–do your make up or something while you wait.  Pull them out and tousle those lady locks.  Real retro!

What is your favorite place to go in East Austin?

Anyplace with a happy hour!